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This page contains a bunch of links to resources, blogs, software, etc. that I've found useful during my time writing and reversing software.

Last updated: 01/11/2023 (dubya, you suck)

table of contents
  1. geting started with reverse engineering - the basics (assembly)
  2. reverse engineering pages
  3. reverse engineering tooling
  4. interesting posts & pages

geting started with reverse engineering - the basics (assembly):

reverse engineering pages:

reverse engineering tooling:

Contrary to popular belief, you don't need expensive tooling such as IDA, Binary Ninja, or Hopper Disassembler to begin your reverse engineering adventures. Free alternatives exist, and are only getting better as time goes by. Great examples of this include Ghidra, x64dbg, zydis. All of them are free, open-source tools that make your life much easier.

disassemblers & debuggers:

general software reverse engineering:

software unpacking & devirtualization:

disassembler scripts, plugins & tools:

interesting posts & pages

These are any pages I deem interesting, but don't fit in the "Reverse Engineering Pages" section above.